The Vapir Oxygen Mini Vaporizer was the first of its kind, back in 2008. It offered a small portable device that, with an optional re-chargeable battery pack, was fully portable. Not just this but it also offered digital temperature control through the use of two simple controls and its small LCD display which is still very rare to find on portable vaporizers. As standard the device also comes with a wall plug that allows the unit to operate straight from mains power saving your batteries when at home.

More Recently Vapir released an updated version of their Oxygen Mini and branded it the V.4.

VapirThe V.4 offered even better optimization of vapor production and efficiency by further improving their digital temperature control.
They have also updated the battery and its connectors to help prolong the amount of vapor time you get from a charge. This does however mean that older battery packs will no longer fit the newer V.4 models.
Overall this vaporizer is very impressive and the enhancement made by the Vapir team has kept this vaporizer on the cutting edge of the market. Its efficiency astounded me producing massive vapor clouds for such a small device.