If you don’t already know the Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel has been dominating the high end vaporizer market for the past 12 years. During these 12 years Storz & Bickel have earned a reputation for producing the most effective, reliable and efficient vaporizers available on the market. Put quite simply, Volcano’s ARE the best!

How ever, this reliability and efficiency does not come cheap with the Classic version costing £319.99 and the Digital version costing a penny shy of £400. This puts the Volcano out of the price range of most beginners and, generally, makes it the connoisseur’s weapon of choice.

The Volcano VaporizerThe reason for the price difference in the Classic and Digital versions is that the Digital version has a precise digital temperature gauge which allows the user to choose an operation temperature that is exact to the degree. Where as the Classic version has an analogue control knob for temperature control.

When/if you purchase your Volcano, you will be faced with the choice between an Easy Valve system and a Solid Valve system. Depending on which system you opt for will determine how the bags attach to the herb chamber and the ease of replacing spent bags.

As the name suggests, the Easy Valve system is the easier of the two. This is due to a special valve that is attached to the bags. This allows the user to simply plug the bag straight into the herb chamber, unplug and inhale from the mouth piece. When a bag is damaged or spent, the user can discard of the bag and the attached valve as each bag has a new valve attached.

With the Solid Valve system rather than chucking away the bag and valve, you must detach the bag from the valve and only discard the bag. You must then re-attach a bag to the valve using a special clip. This can be a little fiddly but as each Solid Valve bag does not require a new valve the cost of replacing bags is significantly cheaper.

As for the operation of the Volcano itself, it couldn’t be simpler.
You just set your temperature, once the temperature is reached attach a filled herb chamber with a bag also attached and turn on the fan. Once the bag is filled, turn of the fan remove the herb chamber and disconnect the bag. Then enjoy your bag full of vapor.