How to use a herbal vaporizer depends on the type of vaporizer that you own.
Each Vaporizer will come with its own set of instructions for how to operate that specific vaporizer. This may vary slightly depending on which vaporizer you are trying to use, so it’s quite hard to explain exactly how to use all vaporizers. I can how ever give you a general idea of how to use most of them.

Basil Bush Handheld VaporizerIf you have opted for one of the cheaper handheld glass vaporizers like the Basil Bush Handheld Vaporizer
First you remove the rubber stopper and inhalation tube, insert your herbs into the glass bulb and replace the stopper/inhalation tube. You are now ready to start heating your herbs. Hold the vaporizer by the rubber stopper (the glass will get very hot) and apply a flame under the bowl until you can see vapor forming. Once you can see the vapor filling the bowl stop heating and inhale the vapor. Be warned, if you apply too much heat the herbs can combust producing unwanted smoke and carcinogens.

VAP240 Aluminium Case VaporizerIf you have opted for an electric whip vaporizer like the Vap240 aluminium case vap
These Vaporizers are fairly simple to operate. Plug it in to the wall and set it to your desired heat. Then fill the herb chamber with your desired herb and plug it into the slot on the front of the vaporizer. You then quite simply inhale through the whip until you’ve had you fill or until the herb need replacing. Don’t forget to switch it off at the wall when done.

If you have opted for a balloon filling electric vaporizer like the one found here (volcano)
These vaporizers are also very easy to operate. As with the whip vaporizers you plug in, set the temperature and allow it to heat up. Then fill your herb chamber and attach a balloon to collect the vapor in. Once the balloon is full, switch off the vaporizer, detach the balloon from the herb chamber and attach a mouth piece to the balloon. Then inhale the vapor from the balloon at your own leisure.